Create your own practice according to your personal goals, based on a detailed knowledge of Human Optimization theory and practice. Online coaching is ideal for the Human Patterning practitioners who want to commit more to HP practice in order to build their own research but cannot always follow us in workshops. It’s also for the ones who wish to deepen their understanding of HP material by working in detail with both the theoretical and the practical aspects of HP practice. 

  • Ketogenic Diet

  • Supplementation

  • Bio-hacking

  • Exercise for Cognition

  • Sleep Quality

  • Meditation

  • Flow States

  • Raising Energy

  • Stress Reduction

  • Work Productivity

  • Psychology of Success

  • Finding your Mission

  • Growing Happiness

  • Improving Relationships

  • Becoming Present

Got questions? Got goals? Good! Connect with us and we'll begin the conversation on how we can serve you in your wellness goals.