Movement As Medicine

Martial Arts are a way into knowing your optimized self through movement, focus and discipline. Many movement systems can teach us, our own body teaches us and observing nature teaches us. Did you know that movement systems developed through observation of self and the environment around us? Yes there are good reasons why a form is called “Tiger Style” or “Tree Standing”. Through these practices dedicated people have unlocked their potential for millennia.

There is a story when the creator of all things said, “Where shall I hide the secrets and mysteries of the universe from the human beings? In the depth of the ocean? In the deepest darkest stretch of space? No! Humans will certainly explore there! Hide the secrets and mysteries inside them, they will never look there.

  • Tai Chi Chuan

  • Ba Gua Zhang\

  • Shaolin strength training

  • Silk Reeling Exercises

  • Pressure Points

  • Meditation

  • Raising Energy

  • Stick Techniques

  • Sports & Exercise Nutrition

  • Strength & Conditioning

  • Herbs for Martial Applications

  • Self Massage for Healing

  • Partner massage for Healing

  • Discipline & Focus

  • Flexibility & Stretching

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“The last training session with you was a very profound experience for me I can say it was the first time I have ever felt like I was inside my body.” - J, 18yrs old, martial arts student