Traditional Temple Massage

Traditional Temples and Martial Arts schools were ancient strongholds of medicine & the healing arts. It is in the martial art schools and monasteries of the world where physical conditioning was a daily practice that refined healing massage became its finest. From surface to deep tissue massage strokes we will assess and address a bodies tensional patterns in order to release the body from its choke hold of pain and disfunction. Combining special oils infused with plant medicines to relax, heal and invigorate the tissue. Think Swedish Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Massage with thousands of years of knowledge behind it!

Traditional Temple Massage (80-minutes) $179

Japanese Hot Stone Massage

In the lineage of Shogo Mochizuki our full body stone massage uses alternating temperatures and pressure adjustments to penetrate muscle tissue, release deeply held tension, and relax your entire nervous system. Stones are strategically placed on pressure points and meridians, massaged deeply into and between muscle groups, combined with warm oil which can be infused with traditional healing herbs or aromatherapy or enjoyed scent free. Try this special treatment and experience an enlightened state of transcendental release.

Japanese Hot Stone Massage (80-minutes) $179

Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage in the lineage of Jivaka Kumarbhaccha, a renowned doctor and yogi, who treated the Buddha.

In this unique healing system you will be guided through a series of yoga postures and assisted stretches, while palming along the body’s energy lines and pressure points. This is a comprehensive full body treatment that addresses muscular tension, circulation and your immune system leaving you both energized and relaxed. It is practiced on a traditional floor mat and loose comfortable clothing is worn.

Thai Yoga Massage (80-minutes) $179

Shiatsu Foot Treatment

In the lineage of Shogo Mochizuki’s Zoku Shin Do this foot treatment is one of a kind in the US. Authentic Japanese finger pressure work with flowing massage strokes. Relax, re-align and ground your feet!

Foot Treatment (25-minutes) $69
Complete Foot Treatment (40-minutes) $99

Head, Neck and Scalp Treatment

A truly delicious treatment designed to release head, neck and shoulder tensions. Including specialized pressure points on the face to deliver a deep state of relaxation. Complete Treatment includes Ko Bi Do “Ancient Way of Beauty” techniques in the lineage of Shogo Mochizuki. Included in this treatment is a warm blend of oils including the famed Camellia Oil of Japan which brings nutrition, body and luster to the hair.

Head and Neck Treatment (25-minutes) $69
Complete Head & Neck Treatment (40-minutes) $99


“I have enjoyed many spa experiences over the years, and I can tell you that Ibrahim's services are best in class!  In addition to a tailored massage that addressed my very specific areas of tension, he incorporated essential oils and herbs that were both relaxing and healing. I felt incredible afterwards, and am considering a trip back to Santa Fe very soon just to have another!” - Cheena, Tulsa, OK

“I have received massage consistently for the past 65 years and all over the world.  I believe that frequent Massage has given me the good health and active lifestyle I enjoy today.  Ibrahim's massage rates amongst the best I've had.” - K.L. age 87, Denver, CO

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