“A world in which human activity supports the health of the planet on which human health depends.”

- IHPH (Institute for Human and Planetary Health)

The Human Patterning Mentorship Project explores what it means to be a human being through the philosophies and lifestyle of ancient man and some of the Rights of Passage that accompanied young men and women in their transition into adulthood.  Here we are exploring practices that sustain & strengthen life on earth, our relationships with each other and building awareness around how the lifestyle that we live makes us into the human being that we are/becoming.  Our lifestyle can be the Medicine our world so desperately needs or that which maintains the unhealthy state the world is in today. Humanity has always lived on and in close relationship with the earth. For the last 20 years I’ve pursued two careers; that of a professional expedition guide and that of a healer in my healing arts office in Santa Fe, New Mexico. What I’ve noticed over those twenty years is that people when they go outdoors whether hiking, camping, rock climbing, backcountry skiing, or just sitting by the creek meditating or fishing, the stress just melts out of their bodies. People get healthy and happy when in the great outdoors! and the physique of an outdoorsman or woman is unparalleled! These developments of a strong healthy body, a quick mind and a care for the earth are exactly what we’re looking for in the development of our Youth: the future Stewards of our planet. hint: It’s also a proven pathway for adults that would like to feel youthful again.

“I will be teaching the youth through story as a community tribe gathered together around the fire we made with our bare hands with the sticks we collected from the natural world.  As a tribe we will run in the mornings breathing deep and feeling invigorated, we will play in the natural world: mountains, rivers and oceans, we will train in martial arts to keep our bodies fit and limber, we will learn how to heal ourselves through breathing, awareness, posture and exercise.  We will play traditional games that through their design teach us all these skills and more.  We will build ourselves up as humans of awareness, flexibility and strength in mind/body/spirit.  I will be teaching the skills I use to safely bring large groups in and out of some of the remotest wilderness settings on the planet.  As a Rights of Passage we will test ourselves in different skillsets and as skills demonstrably mature the Youth will be allowed to take part in more advanced experiences including more remote wilderness travel and international immersion trips.” - Ibrahim Loeks

Classes + Excursions

+ Building of personal survival kits: Knife, vessel, shelter, cordage, fire kit, knowledge

+ Building of Physique: Strength, Flexibility, Responsiveness, Mindfulness

+ Wilderness Travel: Camping skills, orienteering (ancient and modern), Bushcraft

+ Outdoor Sports: Rock Climbing, Skiing, Hiking, Running, Archery


Ibrahim Loeks has 15yrs experience as a professional expedition guide at home and abroad. Ibrahim maintains professional certifications with the American Mountain Guides Association, NOLS Wilderness Medicine as a Wilderness First Responder, and a graduate of The Tracking Project's Community Mentors Program. He actively guides internationally each year for Link Hands For Humanity in some of the worlds remotest wilderness locations: in Mongolia, Russia, Canada, China, North Africa and Southeast Asia.


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