“Truly healing Bodywork”

“I've been a client of Ibrahim's variously over the past two years, relying on him whenever my body is out of wack from life, and from dancing professionally. I've worked with many Bodyworkers over the years, but rely on Ibrahim because of his integrity, and true healing gift. As a dancer, my body has been pushed to physical limits, and has carried many traumas with it from years of training and performing under stressful conditions. What always amazes me about Ibrahim as a Bodyworker is his ever-expanding field of knowledge of the body, and his passion for life, and devotion to well-being—all of which he brings into his work. Through our sessions, I have transformed very heavy layers from past dance traumas, and felt them relax and vanish from my body completely, into today. True breakthroughs. With presence and gentleness, Ibrahim understands the body and offers his knowledge and insight holistically, so I could heal. His healing extends from temporary relaxation and loss of pain, into permanent well-being and integration of mind, body, and spirit. I could not recommend him more, when in Santa Fe and seeking help from small to more major body concerns.”  - Mikyla H, Santa Fe, NM

I have received massage consistently for the past 65 years and all over the world.  I believe that frequent Massage has given me the good health and active lifestyle I enjoy today.  Ibrahim's massage rates amongst the best I've had. - K.L. age 87, Denver, CO

I have enjoyed many spa experiences over the years, and I can tell you that Ibrahim's services are best in class!  In addition to a tailored massage that addressed my very specific areas of tension, he incorporated essential oils and herbs that were both relaxing and healing. I felt incredible afterwards, and am considering a trip back to Santa Fe very soon just to have another! - Cheena, Tulsa, OK

Hello. I've been getting body work from Ibrahim for about 1.5 years. He is highly knowledgeable about the human body and skilled in a variety of techniques. I have had a couple of chronic pain areas, I'm very active mid 50's, and a little stubborn about over resting. He starts his sessions with me by listening and carefully observing to see what my body tells him. Each session is geared toward what is happening at that time.  It has been an education in healthy living: he has provided me exercises routines to do on my own; referred me to a yoga class that he felt would be a perfect fit for me, as well as loaned me books and CD's. Ibrahim is clearly interested in the long term physical and emotional health of his clients. I've felt tremendous progress in healing, largely because of his help and guidance. I'm more ready and able to have the physical fun and active life experiences that I seek. I can say without hesitation: I trust his skills, and his confidence, and, I highly recommend him. - RD, Santa Fe, New Mexico

"I'm so glad that my right arm is able now to make Christmas biscuits!!

I have been operated twice on my right shoulder because of three ruptured tendons, caused by a fall. After the first, the surgeon ordered passive mobilization for 12 weeks. The shoking result was a frozen shoulder with new pain. A second surgery was necessary. Afterwards there was still limitied extension of 30 degrees. Mr. Loeks gave my shoulder, my right arm, the neck and the whole right side a careful treatment with massage and manual therapie. The following day there was little pain. Surprisingly, the extension deficit become less after only one session. It's now about 10 degrees. I can recommend Mr. Loeks  as a gifted professional massage therapist." - Cécile Pfiste age 78, Siebnen, Switzerland

"Ibrahim's method is extraordinary. The session released quite a bit of pain and restored balance in my standing and moving. A week later I'm still exhaling with relief and new life." -Dr. Ted F., educator and businessman

"I have been working as a medical doctor for 24 years in the field of chronic illnesses in an integrative health clinic and hospital in Switzerland.  One of the most important factors to restore health is the integration of therapeutic approaches to improve the function of the extracellular matrix.  It is used as a potent filter and transport system between microcirculation and the organs.  Bodywork has here its great implications for healing.  Ibrahim Loeks has studied different techiques in bodywork to release stress, to relax muscle structures and to balance the skeletal system that causes health issues on many levels.  I enjoyed his professional skills as a client with deep relaxation and an energetic boost." -Dr. Heiner Gabel, M.D., Switzerland

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