Structural Integration is about rebuilding your bodies capacity to heal itself through structural bodywork.

Structural Integration is a hands-on method with the goal to release life-long patterns of tension and bracing, that many times result in persistent pain. Whether from past injuries, surgeries, poor habits, or chronic stress, after a series of sessions you can expect better movement, improved coordination, increased body awareness, less pain, and more adaptability to life’s stressors and more resiliency.

Structural Integration is about change, changing the way you feel and the way you move. You don’t hold onto outdated believes so why not update your felt-sense and performance?

My approach includes a range of touch, from light to deep, with hand-holds that are slow, intelligent, and responsive.

Our bodies are shaped by many factors. Our genetics, environment, diet, activity, stressors, injuries, habits, beliefs, and present attitudes all play a role. In turn, the expressions of these become our postural and movement patterns—our physical identity if you will.

Structural Integration is about change. In providing a new kinesthetic experience we are able to interrupt habitual patterns that lead to tension and pain. We investigate the contributing factors of your discomfort—like chronic aches and/or tension—and develop an understanding of their nature and make the appropriate changes in your daily habits in order for something more functional to emerge. Basically, Structural Integration is an experience of self-awareness put into practice.

To fully experience Structural Integration a series of sessions is conducted, usually a dozen sessions, sometimes more or less. With an attuned quality of touch, we will apply various degrees of pressure. My goal is to give the necessary input and space for the inherent self-correction and regulation to take place, resulting in less constriction and greater freedom of movement.

Dr. Ida P. Rolf’s signature treatment, known as the 10-Series, is conducted in 10 appointments lasting between 60-80minutes long. It is also possible to design a mini 3 series, 5 series and more advanced body re-patterning after the 10 series.





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“After the first session of Structural Integration with you was the first time I experienced what it feels like to take a full breath.” - S., Structural Integration client