Breu Essential Oil 5ml

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Breu Essential Oil 5ml


"Sustainability is no longer a question of trend. From the current generation onward it is, and will continue to be, an elemental stitch in the fabric of our life."   - Davide Bollati


i. 100% Natural. 100% Essential Oil. No dilution or synthetic enhancements.

ii. People's choice recognition at Botanica 2014 as “the company to watch.”

iii. Proprietary blends have been formulated to be appropriate for direct application to skin, aromatherapy and dilution in carrier oil for massage.

iv. Committed to trading fairly with everyone involved in the farming, harvest and production of our products. Our partners have environmentally responsible practices and are committed to ensuring the sustainability and preservation of biomes.

● Farmers are paid a fair and stable price for their products

● We provide extra income for farmers to improve their quality of living

● We assist small farmers in achieving a stronger position in world markets

● We supply a closer link between consumers and products

ii. Tunupa is a leader in social entrepreneurship and sustainable business. Our oils are sustainably harvested and create net positive impacts in the ecosystems and communities in which we operate:

● We prevent over-harvesting through sustainable cultivation in natural forest settings

● We research and develop socially responsible agroforestry and wildcrafting practices

● We harvest with respect for the life of the plant

v. We maintain conservation areas throughout the Amazon, totaling nearly 3,300,000 square meters. In these areas we seek to explore, research and cultivate aromatic species sustainably, that will serve as raw material for the manufacturing of our essential oils.

vi. Over 15 years and first in Brazil to conduct preliminary research on the use of essential oils in clinical practice.

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