Ibrahim Loeks, Owner

Ibrahim has 35 years experience in and around the Healing Arts, growing up in his parents massage school, he is the 6th Generation in his family to be in active practice. Applying knowledge passed from his parents, formal massage therapy education and a multitude of apprenticeships. Ibrahim has studied many hands on healing modalities, movement systems and Personal Development knowledge. Ibrahim currently works with clients in his private practice and collaborates with a network of colleagues and Medical Doctors that are taking up the torch bringing Lifestyle Medicine to their patients. Ibrahim is currently writing a book and pursuing a higher education degree coalescing his understandings around the patterns of human health and healing. He calls the amalgamation of systems that he’s learned Human Patterning Bodywork.

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Julia miller-vasquez, mindfulfullness coach

Julia Miller-Vasquez is a world-acclaimed mindfulness coach and public speaker. For almost a decade she’s worked with clients one-on-one and facilitated and built programs with companies, including Twitter, The Y, Standing Rock Medic and Healer Council and Mindful Life Project.

Christopher Bennett, Human Potential Coach (BIO COMING SOON)