A week long training in life mastery, personal healing, leadership and of course FIREWALKING.

This course is filled with deep teachings, dynamic and unique growth activities, and truly adventurous experiences. Along with the intense personal development, the course teaches advanced principles and activities for presenters, coaches, teachers, healers, and seekers. “It’s not just advanced firewalking,” though there is plenty of that! Students leave the training with a toolbox full of new and impactful activities and teachings to share with their own students and followers.

It includes what Tolly Burkan refers to as “the most powerful processes I’ve come across in my 40 years teaching spiritual growth“. Students will be guided and challenged to find and embrace the master within.

Firewalkers, community leaders, speakers, coaches, and healers alike with experience in personal development and a willingness to push their boundaries are invited to apply for this opportunity.

Graduates will be certified as Firekeepers by the Human Patterning Institute and receive certificates from both The Firewalking Center and The Sundoor School of Transpersonal Education as Certified Firewalking Instructors. This is the only program in the world able to offer dual certificates from both the mother and father schools of the global firewalking movement.